Computer Vision task

Complete the computer vision task to join the hackathon finals. Finalists will be the contestants with the most accurate solutions.


To make something interesting with user photos, these users first need to be found and selected. Solve the problem of semantic image segmentation: separate the users from the background in their photos.

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To solve the task, participants get a dataset of 2500 pairs of images and their masks. At the input, the algorithms shall receive images, and at the output, predict a binary mask that separates a person from the background in the photo.

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Solutions Format

Participants should submit their test data segmentation results. The solutions are compared with the original masks under the Dice coefficient metric. For quick immersion into the task, a baseline based on U-net is provided.

 METRIC  Baseline

Scope of Topics

Choose any topic and create your own product with ML elements. This can be a bot, a mobile application or a web interface. There are no restrictions to the implementation formats.

Animation tools

Animate still photo

Video smart editing tools

Video editing tools and filters

Automate collage creation

Solutions for creating collages
from images

Smart text decoration tools

Filters for adding
text to images

Smart slideshow makers

Solutions to create
slide shows

Smart beautification tools

Effects beautifying
objects and faces

Smart templates

Integrated image processing tools

Fun tools

Make something unexpected
with a picture

Smart filters

Improve image quality,

Smart and fun draw

Image Coloring Solutions


How can I participate in the hackathon?

Register on the site. Participate in the qualifying stage by completing a task or coming up with a project. Once selected among the finalists, you can compete for a prize.

Do I need to solve both problems to get to the final?

Not necessarily. You can solve any of the two problems with your team, or you can also try to solve both. You can get to the final in both ways.

Is participation free of charge?

Yes, registration and participation is free.

Are residents of other cities and countries allowed to participate?


If you want to join the PicsArt AI Lab in Moscow, please contact us at: